HEART BONES - a unique perspective on the impact of American Vietnamese involvement on South Vietnamese men and the complexities underpinning the quest for country, survival, love and self-acceptance

When a Viet-Cong spy's cover in America is blown, he’s given two offers he can’t refuse – full disclosure to earn his wife’s forgiveness and an assignment back to Vietnam as an aerospace industry deal-maker. The move makes him rich and allows him to make peace with his war-time choices, but at a terrible price.

The novel's depiction of the ways in which men fight to make space for themselves as sons, fathers and lovers during war and its aftermath is as relevant today as it was forty years ago.


"... a mesmerizing tale that explores the complicated relationships between fathers and sons, the past and the present, and America and Vietnam..." Wendy Lee, author of Happy Family


"A lyrical journey of self-discovery and identity, ... a powerhouse of a novel that forces the reader to feel every beat of its thumping heart." Sung J. Woo, author of Everything Asian