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Desperate Times Call for Desperate Paddling

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

This week’s headlines haven’t been encouraging –

Chinese political appointments, White House firings, school shootings, old Russian spies falling like flies, fake news threats and reactive legislation, fish strangled by plastic bags, weirder and weirder weather

And nothing I can do about any of it except

Doodle something

Dogs desperately paddling.jpeg

some days are like dogs desperately paddling across a mother river dotted with styrofoam bubbles hidden under purple hyacinth matting over red-silt sliding from sacred mountains where puffy plastic bags shelter in dreamed-up snow-drifts melting into run-offs flooding that contested southern sea haunted by the ghosts of gill-nets which drift unheeding through those nine-dash lines already settled in the great minds of those great leaders heedless of us desperately trying to stay afloat above the roiling river it’s bed fleshed thick with silenced tongues.

Sometimes words help

Do you agree? What do you do in desperate times? Let us know…


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