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All about lingering at damyanti's

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Damyanti Biswas has been blogging for fourteen years, and writing for a great deal longer.

Her debut New Delhi thriller, You Beneath Your Skin (2019) is an Amazon best-sellter. Her next novel, The Blue Bar, is slated for publication in Fall 2022.

When not writing, she's reading, baking or blogging about life, the universe and writing. is one of the wisest places to hang out for anyone looking for balance, a clearer perspective on the writing life, and great writing tips.

It's an honour to be featured at and I'm thrilled to announce that's where I've landed this week. Thanks Damyanti!

It's coming up to the end of October, to Halloween and all things ghostly and lingering. What better time to share some scary good tips about writing haunted house stories, gleaned from the best haunted house classics.

Why not join me in the spirit of the season, here, at damyanti's place?


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