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How is it we do this to each other?

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

I meant to write a post today about Will Schwalbe’s New York Time Best-seller, The End of Your Life Book Club. Instead, I direct your attention to this special Reuters report about how Muslim Rohingya refugees on the Thai-Burmese border are being trafficked and sold into bondage.

It is perhaps apt that the Reuters article should take the place of a review of that book.  The End of Your Life Book Club ais a memoir of Schwalbe’s and his mother Mary Anne’s conversations about life, love, belief and dying guided by the books they read during her pancreatic cancer treatments. Schwalbe’s mother was a director of the Women’s Committee for migration who visited many refugee camps all over the world. Despite the desperation of the situations she encountered, she always held on to the belief that one had to do what one could. Schwalbe’s mother, the author noted,  believed in the power of prayer. But, she was also one who thought that if we wanted Our Father’s Kingdom to come and His Will to be done on earth as in Heaven, then we’d have to do something about it!

It is in the spirit of that wonderful woman whom Schwalbe introduced us to that I ask you to click on the link to the Reuters story.

Like me, you may be befuddled how we humans can still be doing this to other humans. Like me, you may well become angry. I hope too that like me, you will be able to pray for both victims and oppressors.  And if the Spirit moves you, then please, send the Reuters link along and ask others to pray with you.

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