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Mooncakes – A better way to do it?

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Today is the 8th day of the 8th moon of the lunar calendar; seven more days to the Mid-Autumn Festival.  Already my fridge is packed.

We’re contrary creatures, us humans. Too much of anything and it becomes worthless. I like mooncakes. I do appreciate the good thoughts and well wishes, but … not another box please. My digestive system just can’t handle the deluge of lard laden, sugar filled goodness that comes my way.

Mooncake exchanges have gotten out of hand!

Every corporate sends mooncakes to their associates and clients these days. If you’ve a halfway decent network, you’re more likely than not going to receive a miniature mountain of these things. Too much to eat, too much to store in the freezer. What we end up with is boxes of them mouldering in office pantries.

Some of us try to re-gift our goodies to those who’re less fortunate. The old folk’s and children’s homes end up with a surfeit of lard and sugar. How did we suddenly forget what lard can do to old folks’ arteries, What sugar does to already bouncy kids?

There must be other ways to tell our clients and associates we’re thinking about them at Mid-Autumn.

Surely, we’re clever enough to think of more productive ways to spend our Mid-Autumn marketing budgets.

A better way to celebrate

On obituaries nowadays it’s common to note – “No flowers please, all donations to charity”. Why not donate the money we normally spend on mooncakes to charities our clients and associates nominate?

If we must send a gift, there are lots of alternatives –

The best mooncake alternative I got from the DHL man was two boxes of handmade soap moulded in the shape of mooncakes. I believe they were made by a small home business. It was a great way to encourage small enterprise, I thought.

As for me – this year I’m sending out a box of peaches and persimmons and sachets of flower teas.

What would you do?

How would you celebrate Mid-Autumn and the beauty of the harvest moon more mindfully?

Do share. Leave a comment.

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