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What if your kid was too obedient?

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

This week’s offering is about an insect experience. It’s inspired by my fellow tribe-writer Kath Unsworth, who hates spiders and highlights what !unfortunately might happen when a parent demands unquestioning obedience from a kid!

Another snippet from The Unguided Missives of Katie and Zoong (one of my works in progress):


Do not disturb

Not on any account

It’s a hot and buzzy afternoon And Mama’s tired to the bone She mustn’t be woken up Not on any account

Not even if I see A lazy flying wannabe Float right along my Mama’s teeth And decide it needs a good look-see

On no account I was told

Do not disturb Not even if

A fly happens to happen by And drop right in

Have you ever given strict instructions to your kids that boomeranged? Tell us about it.

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