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Why I haven’t been posting OR What I’ve learnt about priorities

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

It’s been almost a month since I last posted.  I’ve no excuses. I just collapsed under all the multi-tasking I’ve been trying to do.

It would have been easie

Anyway… to cut a long story short, the blogging gave.

I’m back now. And to tell the truth, that little break from blogging to juggle all the other balls in my life has given me some clarity about what’s important and what isn’t.

Here are 5 things I learnt about my priorities

–        Family’s first… the kids, the husband, the parents… not necessarily in that order.

–        If I’ve committed to doing something that someone’s paying me for, then that’s next.

–        No matter what I’ve to wake up and write for an hour every morning.

–        If I don’t pray, eat and work out right, then there’s no way I can think and do right

–        I need to time out for friends, they’re what keep me sane

And here are the 3 mantras I found most useful to keep me going

–        God, I’m letting go and letting you.

–        It’s okay to not be able to do everything all of the time, it really really is,

–        Breathe, just breathe…

The fourteen year old and the twenty three year old still have issues. There’s still a bunch of corporate meetings and an offsite to go to before the end of the month.  But I’m expecting a good Thanksgiving get-together with friends around lamb ribs and a lovely Spanish suckling pig. And come December, I’ll have five days of blessed silence at the Jesuit retreat house in Chiangmai Thailand.

I’m going to make it to the Christmas and the New Year. I’m sure of it.

When have you had to let a piece you’re juggling drop? How did you feel about it? Do share…


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