Feminism is for everybody, including the women in Singapore's history
Learning to Fly
Shortlisted for the 2000 
Singapore Literature Prize 

Swee Lian - a girl child from the tenements venturing into an emerging post-colonial city.

John Thomas - a man from theold order in love with the rain forests that will soon die as inexorably as he must.

Two people with nothing in common except their love of trees. Can they build a life together as equals? What of John's wife Sarah? What of inevitable mortality?

 Singapore Women

Re-Presented                          co-edited with Constance Singam


​At first, there were no women at all on the official records of the new Settlement that was to become Singapore. This is the story of how they came and became visible, then gained voice and presences. Illustrated with images from the Singapore Archives, this social history told by Singaporean Women offers an alternative re-presentation of the country's evolution from mangrove fishing village to first world global city. ​


The story of a quintessential double agent, born into the Vietnam War and torn between Vietnam and America
As the Heart Bones Break

Shortlisted for


In Thong Tran’s Vietnam, everyone is at war and no one is who they


But even a conflicted heart needs a home. Yearning for a true father

and a cause to give himself to, Thong chooses independence, liberty and happiness – his tutor and the Viet Cong. It is a choice with karmic consequences he will spend the next half centuryi criss-crossing the Pacific to outrun.


Can Thong set down the bones rankling in his heart?
And at what cost? 

Award Winning Asian Writer Audrey Chin's exotic tales of the macabre for the lover of story
Nine Cuts

Shortlisted for the 2016
Singapore Literature Prize

A cannibal picks up a ghoul in a wet market ... A Vietnamese American grieves his lost son in Alaska ... a HDB cleaner's love for her brother can't save him when his 4D predicting dragon fish dies ... Poignant slices of heart  tender, done and spoiled. Click on the buttom to read on ...