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Girls day out

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

I’m a blur mother, the kind that fed baby food into my daughter’s ear while chatting to three other women. But I wasn’t a total lost cause. When Girl was growing up, I did fuss about where she went, what she wore while she was out, who she’d be with, what time she’d be getting home.

It’s been a long time since Girl was a teenager. She’s graduated, working and married. I don’t miss those days. And last week when I  bumped into three skinny girls I was double glad that my mother-hen days are over. Girls are vulnerable to so much more these days.

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Photo Credit:

3 skinny girls hunting

breasts budding hearts calling

handsets on the go …

locks flicking heads tossing

looking looking looking …

lions and tigers and bears wild boy’s who’ve not grown hair their share they’ll snare

strutting bores rutting tall how exciting! how alarming! awesomely absolutely scarifying

3 skinny girls running

flesh barely scratched hearts intact


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