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Memoirs of a kampung girl – a follow up

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Dear Readers, I love that you’re commenting

But please! Don’t use the comments section as a soap box for your anger.

I was so moved by Sharon’s prayer for her country, Malaysia, in A Leaf in Springtime that I reblogged it here a few days ago.

I’ve received a comment which consisted only of a link to another URL. When I went to that site, I found it was a rather bitter post excoriating one of the two sides contesting the elections.

Please, if I may re-iterate … Sometimes Words Help is a place for those who wish to use words to reach across divides, to heal, to comfort, to question constructively.  I re-blogged Sharon’s message because of its constructive poignancy.  Now is not a time for bitterness and blame.

Please, do not use my comments section as a soap box to spread messages of division or hate.

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