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More about Money and the Writing Life

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

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Last week, I promised to provide examples how completing the money questionnaire would help you clarify your money issues.

Just so happens it’s time for me to have a heart-to-heart with my money me.

Here are my answers to the money questionnaire and the insights I gained.

Complete the following sentences AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE

  1. My main money concern right now is.…there’s not going to be much passive income this year

  2. Moneywise what I want to do is.…sweat my assets to generate more passive income

  3. I’m happy when I am (5 states of doing)….writing, having a really good meditation, enjoying time with soul mates, finished with stuff that I must do but don’t like, discovering something new!

  4. I’m unhappy when I am (5 emotional states you avoid or hate).…bloated, sick, sleep deprived, misunderstood, cut off in the middle of explaining myself

  5. Saving is….necessary

  6. Spending is….fun or a pain depending what it’s for

  7. Keeping track of my money is.…something I do regularly

  8. Investing is….a marketable skill I’ve learnt

  9. Insurance is….needed

  10. My best money experience is….being able to stop salaried work and live on my passive income

  11. My worst money memory is….five years when I was working my arse off, not really making enough money for my lifestyle and having no idea how to generate more income

  12. If  I had all the money in the world to do anything I wanted I would…do exactly what I’m doing now

  13. My main money concern is….making sure I can continue to live comfortably on passive income

  14. Moneywise, what I want to do is….sweat my assets SAFELY and keep a better handle on my expenses

Check if there are differences between Sentence 1 and Sentence 2 and Sentence 13 and Sentence 14 –

There’s a greater emphasis on life-style and safety. After going through the questionnaire I’m made aware that I’m not concerned about falling passive income for the sake of itself but to continue my lifestyle. After taking “comfort” into consideration, I realize that I can probably reduce my expenses and still be comfortable. Also, it’s become important to sweat my assets “safely” rather than “aggressively”.  

Is Sentence 12 congruent with Sentence 13 and Sentence 14 –


I do not want to go back to salaried slavery.  That’s why the new emphasis on sweating my assets safely. This stock take’s telling me not to be so aggressive on leverage, so I don’t bust everything up.

Were Sentences 5-9 happy or sad? How do they relate to your good experience in Sentence 10 and your bad experience in Sentence 11 –

Sentences 5-9 suggest I’ve a realistic attitude and pretty good habits handling money.  I was happy when these habits allowed me to be financially independent.  But, perhaps, I was a little arrogant (still am) about my financial know-how. It wasn’t as easy as I thought, and I don’t want to repeat that.

Look at Sentence 3, what makes you happy. Look at Sentence 4, what makes you sad. How will I feel managing finances in my full time writing life?

I’m actually still not writing full time. And, tell the truth, I don’t intend to. I like creating passive income. I like all the other things I do with my day. I haven’t brought in a cent of profit from writing… not yet anyway. So I think I’ll keep things as they are. It’s a good balance – financial steward by day, writer by night.


These emotional one-to-ones between my creative self and my money self are draining. Sharing it with all of you is even scarier.

But I encourage you to have that conversation. It’s so much less threatening afterwards.

Fill out the sentences as fast as you can.

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