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Rejection sucks … Let’s get rejected!

Updated: Jun 10

Life gives us enough rejections. No point getting more than our fair share of hurt. Why go looking for grief?

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If you do, you might be pleasantly surprised, Jacqueline Boone tells us in her wonderful blog on Rejection Therapy at http://6monthstolive.me/rejection-therapy/

If we don’t ask, we don’t get.

Because we fear rejection, we don’t ask enough … of our friends, of the god, the world.

And so, we get less than we deserve.

The core of rejection therapy, committing to getting rejected at least once a day, forces us to ask and ask frequently.

The more we ask, the more we get.

Writer’s block

As a writer I’ve had my fair share of rejections. I try not to take it personally. It’s just not right for them, I tell myself. I need to do more research.  And then some days I just break down and let those whispers  get to me – that I just don’t have what it takes, that I’m just not good enough, that I’m never going to make it.

It happened last week.

I believe in synchronicity. That’s when Jacqueline’s message popped into my mail box.

No pain no gain, I told myself. If I didn’t ask, I wouldn’t get. I went out and started to look for rejection.

What I found was …

I started to send out a query a day to international agents  I haven’t gotten a positive yet but practice is making perfect; I’m clearer and clearer about the type of agent I want.

I asked super busy unliterary Significant Other to review my query letter  He’s a natural marketer and gave some great suggestions.

I asked another super busy friend for more market positioning help  She came and sat with me for over an hour over yam and pumpkin cake and green tea.

I re-connected with a non-fiction editor and asked for referrals She sent them and said to use her name!

I asked an influential friend if she knew anyone She sent my manuscript onto a friend who told her it’s promising and he’ll network it around;)

I sent a query direct to two local boutique publishers One said to send a  sample J

I did get some “no’s” but I also got a lot of affirmations I wouldn’t have gotten if I hadn’t asked.

So I’ve learnt something this week – To open my mouth, to ask.

I’ve learnt REJECTION THERAPY’S worth a shot.  

Thanx Jacqueline at http://6monthstolive.me/rejection-therapy/

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