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Updated: Jun 10, 2022

I had a nightmare about pacmen shooting at me; they were shouting – Resistance is futile! resistance is futile.   Clearly the product of a fevered brain that’s spent too much time trying to write both the fall of Vietnam and September 11th into the same chapter!  I needed a break. This is what came out – Resistance IS futile.  Made worse if one is resisting because of unquestioning patriotism, absolute loyalty. Made worse in the creative process by being too attached to one particular idea, not allowing new ideas to filter in …

Have you been trapped by resistance? Leave a comment about how you handled it?


resistance IS

a matter of men in the underbrush who don’t know when to give up

an old samurai in the jungle who didn’t hear the emperor’s paper thin whisper to put down arms

an eon ago

the wood termites went at him the other day the bones left after the maggots finished with the flesh …

… not much of that he starved to death sometime someday no one knows when

I see an animal living in the now digging up sweet potatoes foraging for jungle yam one day a bird falls on him dead from some sickness

it doesn’t kill him the brittle bird body cracking in his mouth

in the same way we’re not diminished stepping on that last century skull while discovering the primeval jungle on vacation for the summer

nor is the new emperor eating scones and drinking tea in japan


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