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Time to empty

Healthwise, it's been a crazy year so far. Not a month has passed without a visit to Accidents and Emergencies or an onset of sniffles, all followed by a fortnight in bed.

Now, two weeks after a bout of COVID, I'm staring at another ten days of isolation since husband has just tested positive for a 2nd COVID infection. This is happening 10 days after the end of his first one, and following a course of Paxlovid.

All these visitations has resulted in devastating writers block. I have no words.

As a reader of the Libra Mundi I'm taking this as a sign from the universe to let go and just be. As I cross from 64 to 65, it seems as it it's time to practice eating when hungry and sleeping when tired. To learn how to rest in the bosom of the infinite.

To quote US poet Natasha Oladokun - 'A life devoted to writing shares a distinct commonality with a life devoted to faith; both require periods of waiting and silences, and both require building a relationship with doubt.'

It's time to empty. To wait and see what comes in to fill the holes, To watch for what will emerge thereafter.

I'm looking forward to this :)

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