• Audrey Chin

Trade the high-flying life for this …

We’re just back from remote Lugu Lake, Yunnan China where a friend traded in her high-flying high-stress corporate lawyer’s life for this:

– the view from her front window

– a handcrafted tribal living room

– and time and more time to look back at her choices and write all about it.

It was a huge change going from tropical rush-about Singapore to the quiet of these Northwestern Yunnan mountains to live among the matrilineal Mosuo.

For our friend, it was the right thing to do. Her book’s coming out in 2015. I’ll be a beta reader. We’re all excited at how much has happened and can happen because she let go.

Now…What about you? As you contemplate your week ahead and the tasks you have to do, have you dreamed about escape? What are you doing to make those daydreams reality?

Tell us. Leave a comment.

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