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When the intangible becomes real

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

First there’s a whisper, next the words on paper and then the object begins to take shape … It becomes a physical book!

I couldn’t have done it without support.

This post is about everyone who helped make my intangible real – everyone who supported me.

After years and multiple revisions  my novel is going to print Monday with a “real cover”, and a “real” set of acknowledgements-

Heart Bones Front
Heart Bones Acknowledgement

All I can say is:

Our writer’s dreams become reality only with the support of other writers.

So …

Please checkout these wonderful writers and their books  –

And …

Please encourage my community of supporters by visiting and following them here –

Job Bunting founder of and Viet Thanh Nguyen at Andrew X. Pham and his foodwriters at Caroline Wood at Amy Tan at Kathleen Caron at Kath Unsworth at Mirel Abeles at Ann Stanley at

From whom do you draw your writing inspiration? Who are your supporters? Tell us about them. Leave a comment


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