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Anyone Can Be a Poet…

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Credit: Photo by Forest and Kim

Including me!

One of my readers, Joe Bunting asked me to do a guest post on writing poetry.

I could only respond in the same way my Peranakan auntie did when I asked her how she concocted her heavenly sambal udang belimbing –  she made me watch while she cooked; I watched myself as I began to string the words together.

You can read about the process today at  It’s titled “Anyone can be poet!” I recommend the site to those with writers’ block. It has great daily exercises for warming up before we tackle the BIG one.

As for my string of words, here it is –

The Butterfly Tree Looks are deceptive Bees won’t visit A butterfly tree has no essence


Pink petticoat petals Must part To beckon the wind

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