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Greater love than this …

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

It’s Easter this weekend. This weekend I’m celebrating love.

It began on the Thursday evening with a remembrance that true leadership requires bending low, in service to those we lead.

Today, Youngest and I went to church to commemorate a crazy, unimaginable dying by a man who said he was God, someone who claimed to be dying for all of us. Either he was mad or he was serious.

It doesn’t matter, not really …

The fact was he did die, after great suffering.

Those of us who celebrate Easter also believe he rose again! And sometime, when this mad drama of the spinning world is played out, he’ll return. Either we’re mad or we’re serious.

It doesn’t matter, not really. Faith is a very personal thing. If it feels like there could be sense to it, well …  But if all this dying, and resurrecting and coming again seems fantastical,  well then …

What makes sense are the words said before this man died –  “Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down one’s life for another”

2011-12-09 13.16.32

Ahhh…to carry that cross of life, human, un-redeemed life!

If only I could. If only we all could.

Imagine how the world might be redeemed. If everyone died a little more to sub-conscious me-me-me each day. If everyone lived a little more for another – god, man, our fellow people, this earth …

Happy Easter!

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