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The Curious Arts of Animals

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

When things get confusing, when everything threatens to fall in on itself, I’ll find a place to sit and close my eyes. And, between a hundred in-breaths, twenty hundred out-breaths, I find myself again.

It’s taken me almost a lifetime to learn to sit and be with myself, to be aware of my now and to let go.

Animals, they do it naturally.

Take a minute off and stare at a bird, a cat, a dog. Share what you see. Leave a comment.

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Consider –

The curious art of the cat

Who does nothing but wait to pounce

At the right time

Consider –

The curious art of the dog

Who wags and waggles yet sleeps like the dead

Until he wakens

In the instance

Consider –

The curious art of the rooster

Who believes the daylight is his by mere possession

Of the farmyard

And the fuck

Consider –

The curious arts of the animals

Who do not know they die yet live

Each day

A moment at a time

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