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It’s Sunday: Tiger Moms and Cubs need rest too

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

On the 7th day HE rested.

I need a rest. So does my kid.

It’s been a little too much – the travels, the back-to-back meetings the week after, all those posts I just had to get out about the trip, the extra coaching I’ve had to give Youngest (who didn’t learn about words till he was 4 and has a precarious hold on grammar, vocabulary and meaning) ..

I kept thinking, all I’ve got to do is keep it all balanced. First things first in the morning, second things later in the afternoon, and the last things at night. All I need to do is prioritize and I’ll keep it all together.

Ironically, what caused it all to come apart was the writing workshop that happened Saturday. It started promptly at 9. I was there bright and early together with 13 others. We had a whale of a time accessing our right brains and chasing up literary byways. I got home at 3 and took a nap, then started with Youngest’s English worksheets. Come evening, I turned on my computer to post a blog and hit a BIG FAT BLANK …’

Sunday and again the words wouldn’t come. All I wanted was quiet and the music in church, the little voice saying – “On the 7th day, HE rested.”

Sunday night Heart Guy told me the same thing after he caught me pushing Youngest to finish an art assignment.  Even HE rested. Youngest needed to rest too. So did I.

I’m a bit of a Tiger Mom. I have a tendency to overdo things; to push myself and my kids too hard. Not just Youngest, all the others too.

Here’s a piece from the Katie and Zoong collection that shows I’ve been making the same mistakes for twenty years:

Balance? Schmalance!


Like it being all about balance Basics at the bottom Flights of fancy at the top Get your priorities right And you’ll tip toe through the tulips Till St. Michael comes to say good night

That’s just big bluff adult talk

In real life If you stack seven soda pops one above the other What you get is trouble

It’s all about balance THEY all like to say First work then play A good night’s sleep and enough exercise And I’ll be all right Tip toeing through the tulips Till St. Michael comes to say good night

My parent they’re pretty good guys

But I haven’t forgot – There was the kid with his cups stacked up way above his head Sure as hell he’d make it through the crowd   …

Balance! Schmalance!

I’m too old for fairy tales

I know what I know

There are somethings you just shouldn’t do One of which is working off your butt Studying all day and through the night

So it’s my math assessments to one side And a snuggle with my phone

Doesn’t matter if its soda pops or Mama studying and holding three part-time jobs If you’re stacking too much stuff one above the other What you get is trouble

Thank GOD, he’s watching out for my kids and given them enough wisdom to take their own breaks when I pushed too hard. Thank GOD there’s Heart Guy around to watch out for Youngest.

Are you prone to pushing too hard? Is today your 7th Day? Is it time to take a break?

Breathe. Close your eyes. Relax.

Wait till tomorrow to tell us about it …


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